machinaka circulation bus jagarin

Service route changed from October 1, 2017.
For more details, please see following timetable, route map.

It is cool in the summer! In winter warm ... jagarin!

Less than 100 yen for adults junior high student are free

◆Free getting off is OK
If it is safe place, we can go down anywhere on route.
Please tell place that you want to go down when you get on to driver.
But Route 5, free getting off in store facility parking lot are prohibition.

Service information

  • We circulate through city area by 2 routes of east and west and the north and south
  Stop is "usually" different in "high speed" "expansion" each
  • Each route weekdays ten flights (on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays the ninth flight)
  • Beat hotel, and is (Asahigaoka Park); to the area by each route three flights
  • New Year's Day (January 1), daily life service except jaga Festival period

Timetable, route map


Kind Rate Remarks
Once ride 100 yen  No ticket (free of charge lower than junior high student)
Coupon 1,000 yen 12 pieces of spellings
Commuter pass 2,000 yen It is effective for one month
East and west, north and south free-to-ride
Transit ticket Free of charge Bus stop "JR Kutchan Station," "public welfare hospital" is "MaxValu"
Transit of east and west, the north and south is possible

Sale place of coupon, commuter pass

  • The jagarin inside of car
  • Government office synthesis policy section (the second floor of government office Government building)

General view in the car

・jagarin is 12-passenger
・We block up passage, and please refrain from such a big baggage of nuisance toward other seats
・It is not available for elementary school, school bus of commuting to and from school of junior high school

jagarin company supporter (support ad column)

We launched "jagarin supporter" as structure which had you support in various forms from many people that "everybody of town had attachment and supported, and to say with vehicle which we brought up" in jagarin.
From 24, we offered car card in addition to past printed matter advertisement and bus shelter & Internet advertising newly.
I would like active cooperation, utilization from company which can approve of purpose as public transport to support in area.