About inquiry contents to building instruction person in charge

 You check lot number, and please inquire for the next contents over window or telephone.
 ◆Road width, classification (confirmation of representative width, road classification, plan street necessary for building certification application)
 ◆Confirmation (when judgment is difficult in jurisdiction figure near border) of restricted zone
 ◆Prior consultation reservation of construction plan

 ※Because there is a great deal of number of inquiries, we may have time before answer.
  Please understand.

Each Kutchan-cho figure ※We sell

Main building regulation in each area of Kutchan-cho

Instruction summary [we apply in whole Kutchan-cho] about Kutchan-cho buildings

※Please read one to build for the first time in Kutchan-cho by all means

Application, procedure [reception hours: for from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.]