About social security, tax number (my number) system

 It is base to confirm that it is information of equivalence person in personal information that there is to plural engines, and my number system is social infrastructure (infrastructure) to realize high society fair fairly of convenience for high, the nation with effectiveness, transparency of social security, taxation system degree.
 From January, 2016, my number is used by social security, tax, administrative procedure of anti-disaster measures.
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As for the detailed contents, Cabinet Secretariat homepage look at "social security, tax number system".
You can look at video (product for product for individuals, companies) of system explanation.
Please be careful about unjust invitation that took advantage of my number system!
 Fraud and unjust invitation that took advantage of my number system increase.
Please be careful about suspicious telephone, email, letter, visits that talked about my number system enough.

Do you not make my number card?

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 Full-scale operation of information cooperation and mainapotaru using my number begins.
 We introduce my number card as tool supporting convenience of my number system and them.

 There is such a merit when we acquire my number card.
 ●The surface of card is usable as public identification card like driver's licenses.
 As it is with photograph of the face, another person pretends to be and cannot use.
 Personal information such as tax or pension does not enter IC tip of card.
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 ●We can use private enterprise service to utilize public personal identification service using on-line administrative procedures such as e-Tax and electronic certificate by using electronic certificate put on IC tip.

 ●Services such as (news) to receive confirmation (self-information indication) of own personal information that administration holds by logging in to "mainapotaru", news of administrative services online are available.
 ※IC card leader writer, PC are necessary for login of mainapotaru. Please refer to o for service to offer in login method and mainapotaru in detail with following "mainapotaru".
 ※As you install "terminal for exclusive use of mainapotaru" in government office inhabitants hall, please use.

Application method of my number card

1.You attach photograph to application sent with notice card, and you sign or seal, and please make return (※ 1).
(※ 1) We can take advantage of giving in validity (until October 4, 2017) of envelope for application sending enclosed by notice card mailed by August 9, 2017 from November, 2015 effectively until May 31, 2019.
 We can perform from smartphone, camera for online application and proof from PC.

(attention) In the one where change was located within in address, full name, original grant application is not usable.
 Please do grant application of my number card after having received grant of new "personal number card grant application" after items mentioned change at person in charge of government office inhabitants window.

★We help with application at government office!
 As for the person not to understand the way of application well, the staff helps with online application.
Please speak to the staff casually.

(1) With application enclosed by notice card, come to government office.
 (until ※ Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 17:30)
(2) We take a picture at "terminal for mainapotaru" installing in government office inhabitants hall.
(3) We read QR cord of application and access WEB site for application.
(4) We input necessary matter according to screen and we attach photograph of the face and transmit.

2.Approximately one month later, grant letter of advice arrives.
 If card is ready, grant letter of advice (postcard) reaches home from government office.

3.Please receive card at government office.
 With person confirmation documents such as grant letter of advice and notice card (※ 2), driver's license, come to person in charge of government office inhabitants window.
(※ 2) In exchange for grant of my number card, notice card will return. In addition, bring as it is necessary for person having Basic Resident Register card to have you trade with my number card without forgetting.

To person returned driver's license

 As my number card is with photograph, it is available as public identification card.
When my number was found by procedures such as pension or tax, with one piece of my number card, there are confirmation and identification of my number.
 As you can make free in the first time, do you not make my number card?

My number synthesis toll free number

 We answer inquiry about thing about "notice card" "my number card" (personal number card) and other my number systems.
 About temporary suspension of card by loss or theft of "my number card" (personal number card), we cope 24 hours a day, every day.

  "My number synthesis toll free number" 0120-95-0178 (free)
    Weekdays from 9:30 to 20:00 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 9:30 to 17:30 (except year-end and New Year 12/29 - January 3)
    ●According to sound guidance, please choose menu of information that you want to hear.
      The inquiry "first" about notice card my number card (personal number card)
      Inquiry about my number system                   "The second"
      About loss or theft of my number card (personal number card)       "The third"
    ● It continues and installs existing navigator dial.
      We introduce phone number of toll free number by this sound guidance.

  [when it does not lead to the dial mentioned above with some IP telephone (pay)]
    Thing about my number system          050-3816-9405
    It is Seki surukoto 050-3818-1250 to "notice card" "individual number card"

  [English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, toll free number for Portuguese]
    Thing about my number system          0120-0178-26
    It is Seki surukoto 0120-0178-27 to "notice card" "individual number card" 
    ※It becomes correspondence until from 9:30 to 20:00 about language except English on weekdays.


About rental of system explanation DVD

 We rent explanation DVD of my number system.
 If you like, please connect with person in charge of General Administration Division legal affairs support ☎0136-56-8000.

  DVD for government public information: "My number - social security, tax number system begins"
            1.Product for individuals (14 minutes 33 seconds) 2 product for companies edition (20 minutes 54 seconds).

 ※ You can look at contents of this DVD from Cabinet Secretariat homepage.

About publication of specific personal information protection evaluation book

Specific personal information is personal information to include my number (personal number) in contents. In addition, file including specific personal information in contents is called specific personal information file and is obliged to carry out conduct of specific personal information protection evaluation. About specific personal information protection evaluation book in Kutchan-cho, we announce as follows.