Public information pay advertisement

We are raising (February, 2019 issue - April, 2019 issue) for the fourth in 2018

We raise "public information kutchan" pay advertisements.
It becomes in principle 3-month publication, but publication hope only for 1-2 months is negotiable.
We have matter necessary for application (we can download from this page) by Monday, January 7, 2019 fill out hope by advertisement publication and attach advertisement manuscript to February, 2019 issue - April, 2019 issue, and presentation, please to yakujohiromehohirome*kakari (the second floor).

※In the case of publication hope only for 1-2 months, I would like application by all means by Monday, January 7, 2019.
Size of 1 frame Rate of 1 frame Color
4.6cm in height X 9cm in width 6,500 yen a month Black and white
※For more details, please see summary

Kutchan-cho public information paper pay advertisement publication summary

We list specifications and condition of advertisement, application method

Public information kutchan advertisement publication application

Public information kutchan

Size: A4 size
Pages: 16-20 pages are based
Issue date: It is issued every month on 1st
Circulation: Around 7,500 copies
Advertisement publication position: For "Information of living" article lower up to eight frame

Page of the public information paper latest issue opens when we click the left image.

Application, reference

〒044-0001 3, Kita-1-johigashi, Kucchan-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido
Phone number: 0136-56-8001 (directly)
FAX: 0136-23-2044