Public information kutchan to read in Web

We can see on public information kutchano Web to reach home every month.


Smartphone application that attracted national local government public information papers that HOPE Inc. ran.
We can read public information magazine at mobile terminal including smartphone by downloading application and can scrap curious article. In addition, we will tell about issuance of public information paper by notice of push.
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QR cord

My public information paper

Public information paper for free delivery service that general opening koporeitsu Japan runs.
Because thing which data-processed public information magazine which the local government issues every article is delivered, we can search curious information every theme using smartphones. In addition, we can register favorite public information paper and can store article when we register.

hokkaido ebooks (Hokkaido E books)

Site where we collected printed matter of Hokkaido which Suda Printing ran.
We can read electronic book of Hokkaido on the Internet free.