Mayor room

 Kutchan-cho that did "town declaration of ski" ahead of domestic other ski resorts is sacred place of ski which is called "Oriental Saint Moritz".

 We demand the finest snow, and many people visit the foot of highest peak, Niseko Annupuri of Niseko Mountains, area called "HIRAFU" (hirafu).

 In the Japanese oldest history book "Chronicles of Japan," "HIRAFU" "Hirafu" not to become comes up. For 659 years, Hirafu Abe (abeno, hirafu) defeats the Ezo with 180 water forces, and "backward sorrel" (Mount Yotei) is assumed - which employed government official of county as administrative agency. There are character name called "Hirafu", station name of JR in our town, but, in fact, comes from Ezo expedition legend of Hirafu Abe.
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 Besides, we can enjoy outdoor sports such as rafting and canoe, golf or mountain climbing, and scenery to see clear stream Shiribetsu River and exceedingly high mountain Mount Yotei brings on seasonal beauty in Kutchan.

 Come to "kutchan" where is full of charm by all means.
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Kutchan mayor Eiji Nishie

Message of this month

 December begins, and full-scale winter comes and thinks to be that we have trouble with snow shoveling such as homes. We help the elderly and the physically disabled with the whole area, and let's widen ring to assist. In addition, please consider as on-the-street parking disturbing the snow removing may be seen.
 By the way, there was the fourth precedent assembly in December, and improvement of child care support, the frontage snow removing, house for exclusive use of elderly person were G20-related, and it lasted for Shinkansen construction correspondence, many divergences including Asahigaoka multi-purpose park facility maintenance, and active discussion was performed. We will wrestle for solution to various problems well.
 There is not still the back no from drink-driving and miserable accident by it. "Never do drink-driving, at this time with many opportunities to drink liquor including new annual convention, do not let do" once again; yonishimasho.
 In addition, in late years traffic accidents with rent-a-car of foreign tourist occur frequently. We carry out confirmation and speed down of stop at the time of intersection approach thoroughly, and let's keep in mind so that each one follows traffic rules.