Welcome to Kutchan-cho

It is / Rules of Hirafu Parking Lot#1 about rule of use of hirafu first parking lot

During period, the first parking lot is crowded very much in winter. We follow rule, and I would like use.

As it disturbs the snow removing, please refrain from parking by night.

General parking lot /Parking Space for Visitors

● The first parking lot is parking lot for quasi-national park user including skiing area.
● As parking disturbs the snow-removal work by night, you are not expected

● This parking lot is for a National park user such as a ski resort.
● Please refrain from parking at night in this parking lot.

Welcome center pickup and drop-off area use / To Access the pick-up and drop off area near Welcome Center

● Pickup and drop-off area is one way. It becomes leaving from approach, bottom from the upper part.
● Courtesy car, please display company name.
Depending on the congestion situation, stop place may be changed. Please obey instructions of person in charge.
● For accident prevention, let's carry out D light.
● Long-time stop, please use sun sports land parking lot.
● Please refrain from parking and stopping of hirafu sakaen ideno long time to disturb other cars.
●To access the pick-up and drop-off area near Welcome Center is One-way only.
 Entrance is located at the upper end between Skye and Welcome Center.
 Lower intersection is for Exit use only.
●Clearly display the name of company on service vehicles.
●The parking space may change depends on how busy it is. Please follow the instructions of the staff.
●If you stay there for a long time, please move to Sun Sport Land Temporary Parking Lot.
●DO NOT park and stop for a long time along Hirafu Zaka Street not to block others.