Setting Temporary Parking Space in Sun Sports Land of 2018-19 sun sports land temporary parking lot

We open sun sports land temporary parking lot from Friday, December 14. You follow the following precautions, and please use

Temporary Parking Space in Sun Sport will be opened from 14th December.
Please follow the rules as below.
○To plan decrease in traffic congestion or on-the-street parking in hirafu district,
 Sightseeing in Kutchan-cho section installs temporary parking lot in sun sports land kutchanno ground part.
To reduce the problems such as on-street parking and traffic congestions in Hirafu Area, the Tourism Department of Kutchan Town has decided to open the temporary parking space in Sun Sport Land.

○Even general car is available without limiting to company from this season.
  In addition, procedure for the use is unnecessary.
From this winter, advanced registration is not required. Regardless of whether you' re business operator or not, all general users can use this space.

Conduct contents /Details

・Period of service :Until from Friday, December 14 to Tuesday, March 31
 ※It is mixed up by the snowy situation.
・Use time :From 8:00 a.m. to 00:00 a.m. (as for the use overtime, no parking area)
・Rate   :Free of charge
・Application   :Unnecessary
・Available Period: From 14th December 2018 to 31th March 2019
 *It may vary depends on snow condition.
・Available Hours: 8am-0am (No parking is allowed from 0am to 8am.)
・Fee: Free of Charge.
・Permit: No permit is required.

Attention /Terms and Conditions

1.We prohibit parking of (from 0:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.) other than use time.
2.About accident or theft in parking lot, Kutchan-cho does not take responsibility at all.
3.Consider the noise enough not to be a nuisance to neighborhood.
4.Note that the Kutchan-cho staff may confirm vehicles.
5.Park in appointed area.
6.In addition, obey instructions of the Kutchan-cho staff about use of parking lot.

1. No parking is allowed from 0am to 8am.
2. Kutchan Town Office are not responsible for damage, loss of property, or theft of vehicles parked on Kutchan Town property.
3. Avoid noise and nuisance to neighbours.
4. The permits and cars parked in Sun Sports Land will be confirmed by Kutchan Town officials.
5. Park at designated area.
6. Follow any directions given by Kutchan Town officials regarding parking usage.
The violations or disregard for the above rules will result in the revocation of the parking.