Hometown tax

We began the hometown tax "article of thanks" presentation!

"Hometown tax" system started in April, 2008.
This system is system that residence tax is reduced when we contribute to country of birth and local public entity which we want to support.
In Kutchan-cho, we utilize donation that all of you gave to and push forward approach only in Kutchan-cho.
As we can have you send contribution even if we did not live in Kutchan-cho, I would like support, cooperation of many of you alone.

We present "article of thanks" to object according to amount of money toward the individual who had contribution in Kutchan-cho from December 1, 2015 out of the town.

Use of donation

Contribution that all of you gave to conjugates in the next business.

1.Business about around Hokkaido Shinkansen Kutchan Station and station maintenance

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[main business outline]
Come in promotion and anyone of around Hokkaido Shinkansen Kutchan Station maintenance design casually
But, it inflects for possible town planning.

2.Business about environment, scenery maintenance

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[main business outline]
It inflects for promotion of garbage reduction, recycling, local environmental reproduction by collaboration, the making of beautiful scenery.

3.Business about International Tourist resort creation

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[main business outline]
We apply in establishment of the system supporting local production for local consumption by sightseeing community business, promotion of the making of food education, food culture and stay, life of people of the foreign family register.

4.Business about "town of ski" promotion

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[main business outline]
We utilize for spread of skis activities which are furtherance and chogi to Chimoto participating in international meeting.

5.Business about the making of welfare environment to be able to live in in peace

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[main business outline]
It inflects in medical examination and vaccination of elderly person, administration assistance of person with a disability facility, improvement of community medicine.

6.Business about improvement of child care support system

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[main business outline]
We build unification nursery school and inflect in child club administration, maintenance, improvement of child care environment including the medical expenses furtherance after school.

7.Business about improvement of education of child

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[main business outline]
It inflects for the purchase of equipment for club, club activities, maintenance of educational facility, attendance at school support of child student.

8.Business that donor except the above appoints

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  • For jo*yukijigyo
  • For agriculture promotion
  • Maintenance, management notamenado of park
※In existing government office Government building of Kutchan-cho, 50 years or more pass since it is built in 1965.
There is lack of quake resistance, and, as the present problem, correspondence to drop of safety and inhabitants service, administration efficiency is necessary deterioration of building, degeneration of convenience.
Thus, we push forward construction (rebuilding) business of government office Government building for completion of 2020 in Kutchan-cho, but a large amount of expense is necessary for construction of new Government building.
Therefore we want to utilize donation from all of you to new Government building construction.
You have you choose "business that donor except the above appoints" by use of donation, and please appoint for "new Government building construction".
We look forward to your cooperation.

9.When there is not designation of business

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When there is not designation of business, the mayor appoints use.

The inflection situation of support donation that we had

Donation that we had effectively utilizes in various business until now.

Method to have donation approach

On the Internet in the case of application
Apply from hometown tax portal site "hometown choice".

※Also, inquiry of article of thanks and choice can choose payment method commencing with the credit card settlement by "oldness and choice".

By letter in the case of application
You have you fill in matter necessary for "contribution application", and apply by mail, FAX or E-mail (application attachment).

※Application by "oldness and choice" and downloading of "contribution application" are this

Please be careful!

For this donation to have your thought to "want to support Kutchan-cho" make form; take, and is group, and is not thing to force by contribution.

As I send transfer paper (payment notices) from Kutchan-cho to all of you, and there is not that we ask for transfer of donation at all, please be careful for compulsion and fraud of contribution that talked about "request of contribution from Kucchancho" enough.
(I send transfer paper only to contribution who had application.)

Please feel free to contact at the following if you have any questions on paying donation.


Person in charge of Kutchan-cho government office General Administration Division administration of property
〒044-0001 3, Kita-1-johigashi, Kucchan-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido
Phone number: 0136-22-1121 extension number 225
FAX: 0136-23-2044