Summary of town

Area, direction, the height above the sea level

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261.34 square kilometers

※Total area of Kutchan-cho changed by Geographical Survey Institute having made digital map measurement from 2014.
 261.24 → 261.34 square kilometers

Longitude (east longitude) 140 degrees 45' 18″
Latitude (north latitude) 42 degrees 53' 42″ 
East-West 25.1km north and south 21.8km

The height above the sea level

Town chapter

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We graphically designed initial "K" of Kutchan-cho for image of snowy crystal and image of bird which flapped the wings.
We express "development and hope to the future" with blue symbol color by "leap and pulse" for image of bird flapping the wings by "contact" in heap of snowy crystal, and, as a whole, "we flap with hope to the future, and development symbolizes town, Kutchan of energetic contact".
On July 1, 1991, we establish in commemoration of open basis 100 years.

Town flower

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"Rhododendron aureum"
We touch petal which is five pieces of yellow possible phosphorus in Takayama of Hokkaido, Tohoku with evergreen small shrub growing wild in from July to August. Because it is Mount Yotei, representative alpine plant of Niseko Range, we choose.
We were considered as one of the commemorative projects for open basis 100 years of 1991.
December 11, 1998 notification, establishment.

Town tree

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Leaf which was narrow to seven pieces when it is autumn with deciduous tree of maple department turns yellow.
We are distributed widely around Kutchan-cho and choose because it became materials of skis in the early days of the ski spread. It is used on park and roadside tree widely.
We were considered with town flower.
December 11, 1998 notification, establishment.

Image character

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"jaga Futoshi"
By design that potato skis, we put on ski hat of green hemming in external color nojaga large ga, blue ski. Triangular ski hat imaged Mount Yotei in Sho-chan cap.
August 3, 1991 announcement

Origin of name of a street

Kanji that we put Kutchan on "kutchan." kutchan was named by "kusshani" of Ainu.
kusshani is Shiribetsu River branch, former name of kutosan (kutosan) river.
kusshani is will of "we flow out in kudano (yonatokoro) place" in "ku beautifulness i".
This ku beautifulness i becomes kusshani and we change more with kudosani and become kutosankawa.
On the other hand, same kusshani becomes kutchan (Kutchan) and becomes the place name. 1893 public announcement.
It is Hokkaido Prefectural Government counselor Takeshi Shirani of those days to have guessed kanji right.

The Kutchan townsman charter

There was our town Kutchan in Mount Yotei proud of the natural beauty, the foot of Niseko mountain range and overcame severe wind and snow and developed as the center of rear will. 
We inherit this native district that we reclaimed while ancient people endure hardships and strong mind and aim at more livable town planning and we refresh determination and establish this charter. 

1. We devise work, and we match power, and let's make rich town
1. We love native district and raise culture, and let's make town of culture
1. We keep nature alive and fix environment, and let's make beautiful town
1. We follow rule, and let's make cooperation, bright town kindly
1. Let's make town which grows, and goes which has hope in the future, and overflowed to youth
January 15, 1970

Town specification statement of ski

It lasted for several generations and reclaimed this ground without we Kutchan townsman being embraced in magnificent sorrel, Niseko mountain range, and being daunted by severe wind and snow and cultivated rich native district.
This is benumbing cold, strong and sturdy mind and body cultivated under the climate of snowiness and gift of stout will.
Snow brings up mind and body of townsman and is becoming treasure of gift of Heaven to let native district greatly make rapid progress as Mecca of ski now.
We do all of ski with thing of townsman brightly for life of stout snowy district and, through ski, bring up strong mind and body, and please ask for contributing to rich town planning and establish ski with chogi and declare "town of ski" here.
December 20, 1972