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Mount Yotei information (Mt.Yotei Info)

Mount Yotei is got close to as Ezo Fuji,
It is counted in one of 100 famous mountains in Japan as grand mountain on behalf of Hokkaido.

1,898m above sea level
6,826ha in area

There is the crater in oval of neighborhood approximately 2km in top in stratovolcano which is pulchritude and is called Ezo Fuji from figure similar to Mount Fuji.
Alpine plants more than 100 kinds make bloom in 1,700m above sea level or more, and wild birds more than 130 kinds inhabit from early July through early August. Nature is protected on the beginning, and it is conjugated by outdoor lek military rations such as mountain climbing or natural observation.

Mount Yotei management maintenance communication meeting formula Twitter
We update weather information regularly. Please confirm before climbing a mountain!
Q&A about Mount Yotei mountain climbing

Please read before climbing a mountain by all means.
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Mount Yotei brochure (Mt.Yotei Guide BOOK)

Mount Yotei information (news)

About the restroom closure between the Kutchan hirafu course (half Yuehu) winter season (November 7, 2018 update)

About the first snowcap of Mount Yotei (October 15, 2018 update)

With typhoon 25 approach, we blockade restroom of half Yuehu camping ground. (October 6, 2018 update)

About use of refuge hut after manager descent from a mountain (October 3, 2018 update)

About fear of Makkari course mountain trail falling rock (September 26, 2018 update)

About the damage situation of typhoon 21 (September 21, 2018 update)

Typhoon 21 comes close. (September 4, 2018 update)

Typhoon 19, 20 comes close (August 22, 2018 update)

Minimum temperature lowers (August 21, 2018 update)

Stock for mountain climbing to all of use (July 19, 2018 update)

Please be careful about sunstroke, heat stroke (July 19, 2018 update)

Please be careful about bad weather (July 5, 2018 update)

Mountain climbing information

≪The summer≫ 
・Climbed people need the equipment that can support any weather because weather is easy to change
・For mountain trail and protection of alpine plant, please send tip rubber chief with stock for mountain climbing assistance by all means
・Please bring water, all the food
・Please plan one where refuge hut is used to arrive one hour before sunset
・When accommodation is possible, please call sightseeing in Kutchan-cho government office section (0136-23-3388)
 It is not "reservation", but grasps the number of the groups and the date and time in the secretariat and managers for refuge hut.

≪The winter season≫
・Mountain climbing is in danger of most including accident and snowslide for the winter season.
・Iriyama who it is self-responsibility, and is impossible, please certainly just stop independent action without performing.
・Please submit mountain climbing notice beforehand.
・Please wear snowslide beacon for emergency.

※About use of refuge hut of the winter season
・Watchman descends a mountain after the middle of October, and refuge hut becomes uninhabited.
・As front entrance is closed down, please go in and out than the second-floor door using ladder.
・Person using hut fills out user list, and please pay money of cooperation to coin box.
・We cannot rent blanket, sleeping bag.

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