Various declaration

Declaration about prevention of traffic accident and safe traffic

 Of these days, us make heart cold deeply, and one of thing which is not worth anxiety includes sharp increase of traffic accident disaster with vehicle.
 The number of the cars which increased in the whole country in last year puts light two-wheeled vehicle, tricycle, four-wheeled vehicles together; and of approximately 1 million multi-; reach to come, and the number of the traffic accidents doubles herewith; should be anxious; is in a state. It cannot help depending on road and environmental maintenance expansion and reinforcement of accident prevention facility, but, meanwhile, this thing folds its arms not problem to solve overnight and does not permit cancellation that this is basic looking on suruo.
 We heap up exercise with aim of accident prevention security traffic under all national organizations in the center and form road safety people of Hokkaido exercise promotion meeting on February 16 when we put in Hokkaido and develop exercise aggressive now.
 Go up to 11,732 cases, dead person 638, surprising number called 9,044 injured people, and automobile accident in Hokkaido of one year faces miserable fact of nine last year on dead 1.8 per day namely 5th, people of Hokkaido of all of the road 5 million such; run social life while being threatened, and being frightened at.
 We protect our body from this severe damage, and each one of all people of Hokkaido looks this reality in the face to keep life and thinks that it is way where there remained we recognize, and to protect oneself by our hand.

 To achieve this purpose,
 1.We drink liquor and do not drive
 1.We follow speed limit
 1.In operation, we follow various limits, instructions
 1.We observe the law concerned
General passing traffic,
 1.We follow right-hand traffic of road
 1.We follow Road Traffic Act
 1.When we are in neighborhood of car, we are careful in particular
 1.We watch with scrupulous attention for child, infant

 We believe that it decreases to a one-third outbreak of traffic accident or a one-fifth by observing above-mentioned many points, and carrying out.
 We submit the bill today at opportunity of the Kutchan-cho assembly ordinary assembly opening of a meeting and it is all one townsman and prays this purpose for agreement cooperation and refreshes determination in order to expect the extinction of traffic violation and accident from Honcho and decides this declaration.
March 18, 1962

We declare violence exile

 In Honcho leading Kunitachi, quasi-national park, reputation as town of sightseeing increases with improvement of tourist facility remarkably, and what tourist is increasing does not endure congratulation.
 It is not worthy of anxiety truly recently that dangerous action gained power in defiance of law order.
 Not only this loses freedom and human rights of good inhabitants, but also is serious for young healthy upbringing to take the next generation on; affect.
 Thus, Honcho assembly maintains social order and, for every violence extermination, we declare violence exile city in the name of Honcho assembly and decide from bright livable town planning and conditions and facilities of a town development.
October 12, 1965

Town declaration of ski

 It lasted for several generations and reclaimed this ground without we Kutchan townsman being embraced in magnificent sorrel, Niseko mountain range, and being daunted by severe wind and snow and cultivated rich native district.
 This is benumbing cold, strong and sturdy mind and body cultivated under the climate of snowiness and gift of stout will.
Snow brings up mind and body of townsman and is becoming treasure of gift of Heaven to let native district greatly make rapid progress as Mecca of ski now.
 We do all of ski with thing of townsman brightly for life of stout snowy district and, through ski, bring up strong mind and body, and please ask for contributing to rich town planning and establish ski with chogi and declare "town of ski" here.
December 20, 1972

World Federation of Nations peace city declaration

 World permanent peace is place to desire acutely of all humankind.
 Kutchan-cho, Hokkaido approves of purpose of World Federation of Nations construction based on peace mind to carry through the Constitution of Japan and prohibits nuclear weapon and declares that we push on for realization of peace and increase of the human welfare with hand with world people in permanency.
June 23, 1973

We declare motorcycle gangs exile

 Glory oninatteiru where the young people are always hands which one of the next generation does not have, and is entrusted with hope to the future.
 However, it is extremely important problem that collective reckless driving act in defiance of young law order strides partly, and peaceful life of the good young people and townsman is threatened in these days becoming increasingly atrocious and the young people injure own honor.
 The young people grow up like youth that mind and body are stout brightly together, and it is duty as townsman that young power ranges for contribution to society by own awareness and improvement more, and it is duty of the whole townsman to let you advance to the direction.
 We concentrate fair manner and intention of townsman saying that we never permit illegal act of this group reckless driving young people and declare "town of motorcycle gangs exile" here.
September 19, 1978

Security declaration

 It is inhabitants common wish that our everyday life is peaceful and safe.

 This assembly refreshes determination, and is peaceful; for safe town planning

  The spread of 1 crime prevention thought
  Exile of 1 violence
  Practice of security exercise united with 1 area inhabitant

 We declare that we serve for town planning livable brightly without nado, crime and delinquency.
September 25, 1987

Town declaration of denuclearization, peace

 World peace and security, happiness of the human are common wishes of world nation.
 When nuclear weapon will be used, the human is ruined, and it is obvious that all culture all destroys once.
 As for abolishing nuclear weapon, it is most important and urgent problem about life and death of all humankind, and Japanese citizen is chasing noble duty to realize it as the being bombed nation of the world one and only positively now.
 Thus, we declare that Kucchancho is "town of nuclearfree peace" here in order that the three non-nuclear principles of without "letting you bring in without having without making" pray for what is completely carried out under the idea that peace is basic of inhabitants life, and we Kutchan townsman demands extinction of nuclear weapon of every country, and to contribute to peace and security, happiness of the human.
December 15, 1995