About Minister G20 sightseeing meeting holding

☆G20 summit logo mark was decided☆
 G20 summit logo mark that we raised in the Cabinet Secretariat of country was decided. We will use in PR tools such as posters to make in future at townsman meeting and breed in the time.
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 About Minister sightseeing meeting held among cabinet minister meetings held to 20 countries and areas (G20) leaders meeting that would be held for the first time in Japan in Kucchancho, it is held at Niseko HANAZONO resort in schedule on Saturday on 26th on Friday, October 25, 2019.
 We will take about necessary preparations in future and, in town, push forward and plan common knowledge while utilizing this page and public information papers about the progress for townsmans.
 In addition, please inquire for any questions at the following.

Conventional progress

○November 29, 2018
○November 16, 2018
○October 30, 2018
○October 26, 2018
○October 12, 2018
○October 11, 2018
○September 27, 2018
○August 21, 2018
○August 9, 2018
○July 20, 2018
   Held schedule of Minister G20 sightseeing meeting was decided
○June 28, 2018
○June 21, 2018
○May 1, 2018
○April 2, 2018
   Holding in Kutchan-cho of Minister G20 sightseeing meeting was decided

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