Standard of each district

Standard in associate city planning area (scenery district)

Associate city planning area [Kutchan-cho character Yamada, character Kabayama, character Asahi, character Iwaobetsu, approximately 2,298ha in area of character flower garden] and scenery district (whole associate city planning area) part in 12 districts, and there is standard when we build building every district.

-based pei, floor area ratio, restriction of the oblique line of each district, limit of the best height, form design restrictions About the minimum plottage, retreat distance

Attention about each standard

Standard by associate city planning identification use restrictions area

In the whole associate city planning area, decision of specific use restrictions area is accomplished, too, and five districts are set. There is limit of use when we build building every district.

About detailed limit contents of use in specific use restrictions area

 Use to offer in house and the accommodations is not limited in specific use restrictions local limit contents.
(rule by associate city planning area, scenery district is applied to coverage ratio, floor area ratio, the best height, form design.)


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