About company invitation

  Kutchan-cho is town rich naturally which clear stream Shiribetsu River drifts to among Niseko mountain ranges which assume southwest of Hokkaido, "Mount Yotei" and Niseko Annupuri which are almost called Ezo Fuji located at the central part of rear will jurisdiction the highest peak.

  Refreshing plateau climate, a lot of snow is appointed in winter in special heavy snowfall area, but we use rich underflow water brought by snow pouring into Mount Yotei, and agriculture such as potato and melon, asparagus is prosperous in the summer, too.
In addition, many skiers and snow boarders are a pleasure, and they visit good-quality powder snow from not only the country but also all the countries of the world when it is at sacred place of ski which is called "Oriental Saint Moritz" in Kutchan-cho in winter.

  Other than JR Hakodate Line, there are Route 5, Route 276, Route 393, and distance from approximately two hours to around two hours 30 minutes includes traffic access from Sapporo-shi center and New Chitose Airport.

  As you accept consultation at any time, for company where advance to Kutchan-cho is examined, please refer.