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The 57th kutchanjaga Festival 2019

The 57th kutchanjaga Festival formula poster image: Shigeru Tokumaru

The 57th kutchanjaga Festival formula poster image: Shigeru Tokumaru

The 57th "kutchanjaga Festival 2019"
This was finished.
Many of you who had you arrive
Thank you.
Let's meet again next year!

Saturday, August 3, 2019 (Raiwa 1), 4th Sunday

We will update information as soon as the details are decided.

We would like this year.

■The executive committee secretariat (the Kutchan-cho town planning Shinkansen section)
■TEL 0136-56-8012

"Niseko HANAZONO hill climb" is held at the same time on August 4

The tenth memorable bicycle race of midsummer becoming held!

Niseko HANAZONO hill climb

We hold with jaga Festival on the same day and run through the venue just after start!
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Information for traffic regulation with the tenth Niseko HANAZONO hill climb

With the tenth Niseko HANAZONO hill climb which is held on Sunday, August 4,
There is traffic regulation. I would like understanding and cooperation.

For details, please refer to the following.
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jaga enjoying the cool breeze fireworks festival

As for the nojagamatsurino finale of this year
We perform collaboration of song and fireworks!

Singer-songwriter from Kutchan: Asami Kaji appears!

As plan in conjunction with fireworks is carried out, the details, please identify the following

GoGo jaga Festival event plan offer!

We will invite public participation for idea that "event is held by jaga Festival and wants to enliven festival more!" widely from various places of town-people. We look forward to application of idea, plan to enliven festival very much!

※Event plan offer was finished.

One of the past catches vug