Approach of local construction in Kutchan-cho

Development of population vision, broad strategic view

 Situation of population decline begins for peak, and, in our country, 2008 is estimated when after that 107.28 million personality decreases at speed of around 1 million people every year according to National Institute of Population and Social Security Research in 2040. There is concern about reduction of economic market size or increase of social security budget by population composition by decrease in productive population and increase of old population greatly changing while declining birthrate goes.

 For conquest of population decline, accepted district; "law "to wait, and to revise the people, job construction method" and of area reproduction process" was enforced in November, 2014 to take measures, and to correct concentration of excessive population to Tokyo metropolitan area, and to aim at autonomous thing that and construction did in sustainable society utilized characteristic of each area, and "waited, and and "waited, and people, job construction broad strategic view" adopted vision at a Cabinet meeting in December of the year for people, job construction long term".

 Because we waited, and district was united with country as for people, the work construction, and it was necessary to stand in medium-and-long term viewpoint, and to work, and "we waited for Kucchancho, and "Kucchancho population vision" devised people, job construction broad strategic view" toward relaxation of population decline and local construction with vision in February, 2016 for long term of country and way with it was Honcho while taking broad strategic view into consideration.

Approach that we deal with population vision, broad strategic view development

We wait for Kutchan-cho, and people, work construction well-informed person holds a meeting

 We waited for Kucchancho and installed people, job construction well-informed person meeting to hear opinion from specialized standpoint on we waited for Kutchan-cho and promoted development of people, work construction broad strategic view and inspecting, and to let broad strategic view reflect.
 For broad strategic view inspection, we hold meeting.

We wait for Kutchan-cho, and Headquarters for Promotion of people, work construction hold a meeting

 Because we waited for Kutchan-cho, and and development of people, work construction broad strategic view worked for all agencies on promoting, we waited for Kutchan-cho and installed people, job construction promotion office.

Conduct of questionary survey

●To inflect as population vision and basic material on devising broad strategic view, consciousness, opinion of of inhabitants
 We carried out questionary survey for the purpose of grasping.
 ・Subjects of survey: General town-people from 15 years old to include high school student to 39 years old and town outside inhabitants who lived in Kutchan-cho in the past
       (random sampling)
 ・Investigation time: From June 19, 2015 to June 30, 2015
 For details, please see working papers.
●For evaluation of broad strategic view, we carried out house miyasusa questionnaire.
 ・Subjects of survey: 2,000 general town-people (random sampling) of the whole area in the town block 18 years or older
 ・Investigation time: From February, 2017 to March
 For details, please see result count list.

Conduct of public comment

 "We waited for Kutchan-cho and announced people, work construction broad strategic view" (plan) on devising broad strategic view and, and between Monday, February 1, 2016 and Friday, February 12, 2016, recruited opinions from all of the town-people.
 For details, please see the following page.

2016 district construction acceleration business

The second traffic maintenance business for Niseko area attracting tourist