Administrative dissatisfaction examination system

With administrative dissatisfaction examination system

 With administrative dissatisfaction examination system, the nation is system that can do protest for administrative agency under the simple quick and fair procedure widely about act using illegal or unfair disposal or other authorities of administrative agency based on Administrative Appeal Law (2014 law No. 68).

Protest (query) procedure

 Disposal that the mayors performed includes dissatisfaction, and with legal profit to do query about the disposal can do query.

Method of query

 When you do query, as a general rule, please submit examination bill which listed the next matter in examination agency (the mayors).
   (1) Full name of examination claimant or name and address or whereabouts
   (2) Contents of disposal to affect query
   (3) The date when we knew that there was disposal to affect query
   (4) Purpose of query and reason
   (5) Having instruction or not of disposal agency and the contents
   (6) The date of query

Period when query is possible

 Query reckons that there were principle, disposal from the next day on day that you knew and must do within March. In addition, at time one year after the next day of day when we had disposal, we cannot do query.

About member of trial

 Examination agency that examination bill was submitted to does not participate in procedure about disposal to secure the fair nature of trial, and member of trial to meet constant requirements examines query.
 Member of trial submits the result to examination agency as member of trial opinion book.

Nomination of member of trial

 Candidates of person who should become member of trial prescribed by Administrative Appeal Law Article 17 are as follows.
 From the following person, the mayor nominates person who does not correspond to jo*riyoshi for member of trial.

 ・Person who works as person, general affairs's section manager in general policy section manager's post
 ・Person in tax practice section manager's post     ・Person in inhabitants environment section manager's post
 ・Person who works as the section manager of person, agriculture and forestry at welfare medical care section manager in job
 ・Person in sightseeing section manager's post     ・Person in town planning Shinkansen section manager's post
 ・Person in construction section manager's post     ・Person in water supply section manager's post

About administrative dissatisfaction examination committee

 When examination agency received submission of member of trial opinion book, they consult in administrative dissatisfaction examination committee set up by rear will interjurisdictional affiliation unless they are constant.
 Administrative dissatisfaction examination committee consisting of well-informed person is engine checking validity of judgment of the appropriate nature and examination agency of trial procedure that member of trial performed from position of third party.

About standard trial period

 During standard trial period to take before decision after query arrived at examination agency, it is almost around June.
 (note) standard trial period may vary in trial period depending on disposal contents for indication.